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When you want to move the music on your mobile to your PC or vice versa, it often does not share the same audio format and is not compatible. This is because the mobile format is generally AMR and you probably use WAV or MP3 on your computer.

Mobile AMR Converter is a program that uses Sony Ericsson AMR converter to convert all your AMR files to MP3 and WAV and vice versa, in the easiest way you can imagine.

With this program you can transfer all your songs to your computer in WAV format and move your MP3 files to AMR format on your phone.

Its simple interface helps you use Mobile AMR Converter like a professional, even if you have little knowledge of computers and it is easy to use for most amateur users. You just need to indicate in the input file and the output path you want: AMR, WAV or MP3.

In addition, Mobile AMR Converter can also convert WAVE files to SP and vice versa

The program is compatible with most Sony Ericcson and Nokia telephones.

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